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Smartphone Inc Kickstarter Edition

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Players - Randrac, Birdman, Dragonmother

Ratings -

Quality of Pieces - 7, 6, 6 (Standard Fare, one nice thing is it did include organizers for the starter pieces)

Rules - 9, 8 (Fun to read)

Base Gameplay - 6, 7, 8 (it was a great easy worker placement game. Coming in, we thought it would be more complicated, so it wasn’t exactly what we thought, but it played very well.)

Would you play again? Yes, Yes, Yes.

Scores? 249, 218, 250.

One major issue is that with the Kickstarter Edition— not all the pieces go back into the box after punch.

Randrac - I like the look and quality of this game but found it disappointingly lacking in substance. I expected a complex game similar to the Lacerda games (Lisboa, The Gallerist) but it was unexpectedly light and short. The Kickstarter version comes with several mini expansions that will hopefully help round the game out, but I found myself wishing we had incorporated everything from the start.

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