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Shadowed Kingdom

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Players: Randrac, Dragonmother


Quality of Pieces: 2, 3

Theme: 8, 8

Rules: 4, 3

Gameplay 2, 2

Would you play again? No, No

Score: Technically we won, but I felt like we lost.

Dragonmother - the art is beautiful and it’s Disney so I really wanted to like this game. However those were the only good things about this game. It was short thank goodness otherwise I don’t think we would have made it through the play through. The rules were hard to understand. We had to walk through step by step to understand. Overall very disappointing.

Randrac - This felt like a small gaming company somehow landed the Disney property and needed something to do with it. The art was pretty, but the card quality was bad. The cards peeled just sliding them across the table per the rules, so if you decide to play this (don’t) be sure to sleeve the cards. There really is not much of a game here at all.

Maybe it is something to play with the kids, but the art is more designed for a Kingdom Hearts fan, which is likely who designed the game, though thankfully they left out the meaningless dialogue from that video game. Pushing cards and randomly shuffling them just is not fun nor strategic at all. Admittedly, I despise co-operative games, but it you are looking for a good one, look elsewhere. Preferably not in my house. :p

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