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Mille Fiori Board Game Review

The Legends craft glasswares and ship them to exotic lands in Mille Fiori, a recently released card drafting/area control game from Schmidt Spiele!

2-4 Players (However we recommend at least 3 best at 4)

60-90 min

10 Years +

Light to Medium Weight

In Reiner Knizia's Mille Fiori (millefiori is a glasswork technique for decorative patterns, the name means Thousand Flowers), you take the role of glass manufacturers and traders who want to profit as much as they can from their role in the production of fine glass art.

The game board features different aspects of the glass production cycle: workshops where the glass is created, houses where it's installed, people who support your work, trade shops where it's sold, and the harbor where ships take the glass to faraway locations. You want to be present in all of these areas, preferably at just the right time to maximize your earnings.

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