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March Crowdfund Review

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Tang Garden: Seasons-Kickstarter

Tang Garden: Seasons is the final expansion for Tang Garden. We have crafted different rich scenarios by getting inspiration from the mechanisms you love the most in board games that will completely change the way you create your beautiful garden. In this expansion, you will find new tiles, decorations, panoramas, visitors, boards, and new components that you have never seen before.

Randy: Proven track record with previous Tang Garden, beautiful pieces and KS exclusives. Insta-Back! Late pledge is still possible.

Motor City - Kickstarter

MotorCityis the brand new loaded roll-and-write game from the designers of Fleet: The Dice Game,Three Sisters, Godspeed, Wasteland Express Delivery Service, Piepmatz, Stellar, and more. MotorCitypacks all the decisions and fun of a full gaming experience into an efficient and innovative package.

In Motor City, you’re the supervisor at a plant during the heyday of Detroit’s automotive industry, when big engines and horsepower ruled the day. You’ve just been put in charge of day-to-day operations across the entire facility. You’ll need a clipboard, steel-toed boots, and an even steelier eye for efficiency.

Randy's Thoughts: Designed by makers of other successful games, similar in theme to Kanban. We like complex roll and writes. Only 2 minor KS exclusives, both of which will likely be available direct from their online store. This one I am on the fence about.


In the center of a vast but secret forest stands a mighty Oak - a majestic tree that was already a sapling when the world was young. It is even said that from its wood, the gods crafted the first humans and animals. Druidic Orders from far and wide flock together around its roots to bathe in its glory. Arch-Druids sanctify sacred places and erect rune-etched monoliths, while Bards tell fantastical tales to recruit a greater following. Ovates read the omens to gain a glimpse of the things to come, while Talon-Masters use force to defend their Order’s beliefs. In Oak you are the leader of a Druidic Order, each different from another. You will try to establish that your Order deserves to be chosen by the Oak to learn its secrets. Your Order will start out small and insignificant, but if you choose your actions wisely and use your Druids efficiently, you will see them grow in power and stature. You will gain the friendship and help of otherworldly creatures like the mischievous Boggart, the mighty Carw Gwyn, and the magical Pixies. You will learn powerful spells of the forest and uncover mighty artifacts. You might even risk upsetting the natural balance by creating new sacred places to house your growing flock of Druids. Will you be able to prove to the Oak that your Order is worthy? Will you be able to unlock the secrets of the Ancients?

Maranda's Thoughts: The Art Work Draws me in, and the theme keeps me there. Its a fantasy based worker place me, which always gets me. There is exclusive deluxe version. I will be backing the Deluxe Version!

Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar - Kickstarter

Randy's Thoughts: Like the theme. Made by Prospero Hall, which is hit or miss. Components are meh. Price is outlandish. only KS exclusive so far is the box sleeve, Hard Pass

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