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GEN CON 2022

Gen Con Preparation is almost upon us! Here are some upcoming dates to be aware of.

Gen Con Online-Only Badge Registration: Opens May 8

Gen Con Indy Event (Ticket) Registration: Opens May 15

Pop-Up Gen Con Badge Registration: Opens June 19

Before Event Registration the Legends of Nerdvana will be posting there lists of events they are hoping to sign up for and ones they are watching!

As of right now vaccinations and masks are still going to be required, but updates may occur. I really hope they do! I am hoping to not have to wear masks at the gaming tables.

They Also released the artwork for the New GenCon Program. I found it very appealing and excited to learn about this artist!!! Alex Dos Diaz is an artist based out of North Wales, PA. Love the play with the gray scale and the yellow to make it pop.

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