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Darkridge Reunion Party Game Review

Welcome to Darkridge Reunion, a party game for 6-12 players that is not so much a board game as a "LARP in a box." Join Dragonmother, Randrac, Alex, Heather, and Melissa as they discuss the pros and cons of attending.

6-12 players (the more the better)


Age 13+

Light Weight

Part murder mystery, part survival game, former high school Jocks, Geeks and Rebels compete against each other, going so far as to “kill” to get ahead! Players move in real time across multiple rooms all the while avoiding getting “killed” by the Slasher. Requires 3+ rooms or spaces. Stay in character as you pursue absurd goals, attempt to fulfill long-hidden secret missions, strategize with your old high school friend and use artifacts to kill or disable your opponents.

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