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Chimera Station Board Game Review

Dragonmother and Randrac spend their evening genetically splicing together aliens in Chimera Station from Tasty Minstrel Games!

2-4 Players


Age 13+

Light to Medium Weight

Chimera Station brings a new twist to the worker placement genre: customizable workers. Each worker can be modified in-game by splicing claws, tentacles, leaves or additional brains (or any combination of those) on them. These workers are used to gather resources: points, food, credits, and living parts of aforementioned workers! During the game you'll build and expand the space station and open up tons of different strategic and tactical possibilities.

Featuring a grand total of 12 standard action spaces and 40 additional ones (modules), 22 perks, 16 different ways to configure your aliens (via components), and 4 different races, the possibilities are endless!

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