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Caral Deluxe Edition Board Game Review

The Legends try their hand at a pyramid scheme in Caral Deluxe Edition from Funtails, a recent Kickstarter arrival!

2-4 Players

60-100 mins

Age 12+

Light to Med Weight

In Caral all players take on the role of master builders, creating pyramids in a rhythmic cycle of years while influencing the duration of each cycle. The unique progress rhythm allows players to put pressure on each other. Will you master the well-interlocked mechanics in order to win?

During the game we find ourselves over 4500 years in the past, competing against each other and experiencing ancient Caral in its heyday.

Caral will surprise you with a fresh gaming experience! What starts out very simple, develops surprisingly complex. For example, Alpacas and resource cards allow you more flexibility on the spiral path. But sacrificing valuable cards in the annual ceremony can give you great advantages over fellow players. It's all a matter of tactics!

Make Caral your very own game with different modules that allow you to increase game complexity as desired (chronicle style)—turning Caral into a game you can enjoy with your family and with experienced gamers alike.

—description from the publisher

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