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Beyond the Sun

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Players - Randrac, Birdman, Dragonmother

Quality of Game Pieces - 7, 7, 7

Theme - 9, 9, 9

Rules - 7, 6

Gameplay 9, 9, 7

Will you play again - Yes, Yes, Sure

Score 55, 32, 47

Birdman - I liked it. Good game.

Dragonmother - By all descriptions I should have liked this game. It was kinda plain. Could I really point out anything majorly wrong with it no, did I enjoy it no.

Randrac - I love space themed games and point salad. I also love developing my actions, so this game really appealed to me. The art and rule book were pretty meh, but I loved the gameplay and mechanics. It exceeded my expectations in almost every way except for piece quality. Sadly, it will likely sit on the shelf since my wife was not a fan.

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