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Atheneum: Mystic Library

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Players - Randrac, Birdman, Dragonmother

Ratings -

Quality of Pieces - 8,8,8 (Biggest Complaint were the isty bisty spiders. They could easily get lost.)

Theme - 10, 8, 9 (each book has a different tile, which we loved. Very well thought out)

Rules - 6,6,6 (one major typo found)

Gameplay - 7, 7, 7 (this is a light game, and it has the right feeling to it)

Would you play again? Y, Y, Y

Score - 77, 69, 64

Randrac - The game was light and fun. The book titles added a lot of flavor to the game, and were mostly quite humorous. The game did not overstay its welcome, lasting only 10 turns but still had enough to do to keep you invested in the game. My only grievance was that the bonuses were pretty difficult to set up for since they rolled off after 4 rounds and some required a lot of maneuvering to accomplish in late game or were not feasible in early game. But overall that did not matter as it played out so quickly and there were ample ways to score points.

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