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Alice's Garden Board Game Review

Today the Legends do a bit of landscaping to protect their necks from the chopping block in Alice's Garden, a game that Randrac's sister imported special for his Christmas present. (Thanks Rhonda!)

1-4 Players

30-45 min

8+ Years Old

Light Weight

Wandering through the winding paths of a magic forest Alice stumbles upon a royal garden. Poor gardeners have been rushed off their feet trying to arrange it according to the Queen's wishes. The trees must be as far apart as possible, the rose bushes must be the most sumptuous in the whole Wonderland, and the chess pieces must have a neat path to walk on. Is it possible to achieve all that and be spared the Queen's wrath?

In Alice's Garden, you arrange the garden plants in the most advantageous way and help Alice and the gardeners appease the Queen and grow the best garden in Wonderland. To do this, you place tiles on your individual player boards, with the tiles being of different shapes, 'Tetris-style, and depicting flowers, trees, etc. To win more points, you should fulfill as many requirements as possible.

The game ends after the round in which a player can't place a tile from the supply on their player board. The player with the most points wins.

—description from the publisher

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